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SA Web will sponsor a webpage to very political party taking place in the 1999 Elections. Please read below what this offer entails.

Sponsorship Details

SA WEB will:
  • Provide every Political Party with free webspace in this site for one webpage.
  • Place a webpage in this site for the period until the end of the 1999 Elections.
  • Reserve the right to refuse any material it sees offensive or unfit for insertion.
  • Accept webpages developed and supplied by the parties.
  • Assist in the design and development of webpages to the parties which do not have own webmasters.
  • Undertake to allow parties one minor change to their webpage every 21 days.
  • Should the need arise, create a "Notice Board" for the benefit of all parties, where the parties will have the opportunity to place information for all South African voters. This information will be restricted to 2 notices per party and changes to be made in 21 days intervals.
  • To avoid preferencial treatment, place information in alphabetical order.
  • Not be responsible for any content of pages. Contents are not endorsed by SA WEB nor are they necessarily the opinion of SA WEB.
  • At all times endeavour to ensure that the parties advertising campaign in this site will be of the highest standard possible.
  • Appreciate that the parties will, in their advertising campaigns, inform the public of their webpage in this site.

Webpage Information:
  • Only one page per party.
  • Size: a webpage size must not exceed a A4 printed page.
  • A link to the party's existing website will be accepted.
  • Parties may place unlimited number of e-mail links.
  • All information and changes to be made by SA WEB must be supplied in electronic file format, preferably MSWord.
  • Parties must allow 48 hours for changes to be made.
  • In case of an emergency SA WEB will try to accommodate the party as soon as possible.
  • Should the party not have own webmaster, SA WEB will design and develop a webpage, including graphics, free of charge. The page will become property of the party.
If you wish to make use of this offer please contact Jorge Barreto at:

Tel : 082 828 2159
Fax : 011 902 4824
E-mail : jorge@sabuilding.co.za

Postal Address
P.O.Box 7815


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