Vukuzenzele Sekusile Party

  Message from the President

The VSP is a party that is committed to the ideas of Democracy, Freedom and Peace. The VSP shall strive to unite all people of Mpumalanga regardless of race, colour, creed, religion, gender or culture.

The VSP believes in federalism in solving the South African problem, especially in combating crime. We believe that the provinces must be independent of National Government and have all the powers so that the policies of each province must be different as to encourage competition amongst provinces so that each province must serve the needs of its citizens. The VSP believe that each province must have its own police force so that each province can deal with its own crime problem effectively by its own unique training method to deal with the crime of that particular province as statistics would be kept to show which crime is prevalent in that province as each province has different crime problems as in Gauteng Province the crimes that are more prevalent are hijacking, rape, robbery, etc.

The VSP is the party that will create job opportunities for all Mpumalanga people. The VSP shall approach and encourage companies both nationally and internationally to invest in Mpumalanga. The VSP shall also invite all the ambassadors of different countries to encourage their respective countries to invest in Mpumalanga so that job opportunities can be created. The VSP objective is to make Mpumalanga a crime-free, prosperous, peaceful province to the people of Mpumalanga, investors and tourists as well.

The VSP also believes that for democracy to prevail, every government needs a strong opposition. If any government does not have a strong opposition, the government in power has a tendency to be corrupt, for example the Mpumalanga government.
We also believe that a party that promises the voters for example houses, education etc. and fails to deliver, that party should be removed from the office and the voters vote for a party that they think will deliver and meet its obligations.

In order that the VSP succeed in achieving our election goals, the VSP will need funds. The VSP call upon companies and other interested organizations to support us in our endeavour by means of donations.


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