Reeston is an informal settlement area along the Mdanstnae access Rd. (Golden Highway) Reeston is divided into 5 areas.

Areas in Reeston:
  • Dice area is made up of 741 dwellings with an average of 5 people per dwelling. 3705 people

  • Border 322 dwellings.

  • Reynolds 445 dwellings.

  • Blue Rock 226 dwellings.

  • Jevon 224 dwellings.

  • Kylitsha (new area)

A housing project has been started in Reeston, and we hope in time that all residents will have the basic amenities (water, electricity etc) Currently water is obtained from central taps, there is no electricity, sewerage or plumbing.

Sophathisana High School - Border Area
No classrooms, classes held outdoors

Creche - Dice Area - Prefab huts
No playground equipment

Soup Kitchen - children fed 5 days a week

Health Mobile Clinic on its monthly visit

House in Dice - Reeston

Text and photos sent to us by Barbara Blasko - thank you Barbara!

"Since arriving back in South Africa and becoming involved with the E.L. Benevolent Society it has been my privilege to visit the Reeston area on a regular basis. I am amazed how much is being done with so very little" - Barbara

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