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        France :: 07 September 2007
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:: THE IRB RUGBY WORLD CUP 2007 - from 07 September to 20 October ::



N. Best
R. Best
S. Best
I. Boss
B. Carney
G. D'Arcy
G. Dempsey
G. Duffy
S. Easterby
S. Ferris
J. Flannery
J. Hayes
D. Hickie
M. Horan
S. Horgan
D. Leamy
G. Murphy
D. O'Callaghan
P. O'Connell
B. O'Driscoll
R. O'Gara
M. O'Kelly
A. Quinlan
E. Reddan
F. Sheahan
P. Stringer
A. Trimble
D. Wallace
P. Wallace
B. Young

Matches Played
Date Flag Country V Country Flag Venue 
09 Sep IRE  32-17  NAM Bordeaux 
15 Sep IRE  14-10  GEO Bordeaux 
21 Sep IRE  03-25  FRA St-Denis 
30 Sep IRE  15-30  ARG Paris