To qualify for the 1999 Rugby World Cup, Ireland had the following scores:

Beat Georgia  70-0 
Beat Romania  53-35

Ireland is in GROUP E
Competing against Australia, Romania and U.S.A..

COACH: Warren Gatland

C O'Shea
G Dempsey
J Bishop
J Topping
M Mostyn
K Maggs
B O'Driscoll
J Bell
M Mullins
D Humphreys
E Elwood
T Tierney
B O'Meara
P Wallace
P Clohessy
R Corrigan
J Fitzpatrick
A McKeen
K Wood
R Nesdale
P Johns
J Davidson
M O'Kelly
R Casey
D O'Cuinneagain
E Miller
D Corkery
T Brennan
A Ward
K Dawson

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