To qualify for the 1999 Rugby World Cup, England had the following scores:

Beat Italy  23-15 
Beat Netherlands  110-0

England is in GROUP B
Competing against Italy, New Zealand and Tonga.

COACH: Clive Woodward

FJ Leonard
G Rowntree
V Ubogu
D Garforth
P Vickery
P Greening
N McCarthy
R Cockerill
M Johnson (c)
T Rodber
D Grewcock
G Archer
J Worsley
L Dallaglio
N Back
R Hill
M Corry
M Perry
N Beal
A Healey
D Luger
D Rees
P de Glanville
W Greenwood
M Catt
J Guscott
J Wilkinson
P Grayson
M Dawson
K Bracken

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